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About Randell

About Randell

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Randell M. Reid Master Violin Maker established his studio in Hartford CT in August 1998     after immigrating with his wife from Montreal, Canada.  After living in a small carriage house in West Hartford for one year Randell moved his violin studio to Hartford's historic West End where the studio remains today.  Hartford was chosen because of its great sense of community and mix of professional and amateur players.  The philanthropic tradition businesses bring to the Hartford area  enrich and stimulate the music and art community.

Hartford and the  surrounding communities continued dedication to music in public schools acts as the foundation for our shared musical heritage.

 Artist Biography

Born in Montreal Quebec, Canada

Concordia University, McGill University, History/Geography BA BSC

University of New Hampshire MBA Marketing/Finance

Owner operator of Anton Wilfer & Co. Limited

One of Canada's oldest most respected Luthiers (1947-1998)

Master violin Makers I have studied with,

Ewald Fuchs Geigenbaumeister (owner Anton Wilfer & Co. Limited)

Montreal Que. Canada, Schönbach Czech Republic

Josef Kantuscher Geigenbaumeister

Mittenwald, Germany (1923-2015)

Jürgen Von Stietencron Geigenbaumeister

Ascona, Switzerland

Peter Erben Geigenbaumeister

Munich, Germany


  Hartford Arts Grant recipient 2011 Business Development Grant for the Artists Program.Created by the City of Hartford in Partnership with the Greater Hartford Arts Council to generate business development while celebrating the City's cultural diversity 

Instrument services

Instrument Services

Services Provided

Handmade Violins Violas & Celli.

Repair, maintenance & full restoration of violins, violas & celli.

Set-up and tonal adjustments.

Bow rehairs and repair.

New and antique instruments sold.

Insurance appraisals & certificates.

New purchase consultation.

  Repairs, restorations and new instrument commissions keep me constantly busy.  Whether it is a relatively simple open edge on a cello or a complex restoration that requires months of work to complete, all tasks are given the same care and dedication to detail.  Exemplary service and an individualized approach to insure complete satisfaction.  This is the violin shop you have been looking for.  Every question is answered honestly and clearly to provide the musician with  confidence in the services provided.  I do very little advertising but rely on my list of satisfied customers to advertise for me.

   Age wear and tear unexpected accidents all take there toll. With proper care a violin can live well beyond the player, with some being played for centuries (Nicolò Amati 1596-1684, Antonio Stradivari 1644-1737)  It is a complex fragile, strong, wooden box that has endured through the centuries and continues to fascinate and entertain.  Centuries old instruments have endured because of proper care and love by the owner and Luthier entrusted with there care.   From a complex repair, due to age or an  unfortunate accident, or a sound-post adjustment a skilled and experienced Luthier is essential.


  For more then twenty years I have been serving the New England & Connecticut musical communities and hope to continue for some time to come.  It has been, and will continue to be my absolute pleasure to serve this vibrant community.  Your satisfaction is my number one goal.

Restoration & Repair

Restoration & Repair

Examples of repairs and new instruments

New instruments

 New Instruments

Violins violas and celli are  made completely by hand using the very finest European tone wood available (Tone wood suppliers, Brüder Fuchs established 1778 Mittenwald Germany).  Each instrument is a unique and individual work that requires hours of skillful concentration and years of experience to produce. European tone wood, spruce and maple that has been aged for 45 to 130 years is used for each instrument.  Tops and backs are matched for their  similar age and tonal properties to insure the best results.  Instruments are built and set up to be effortless to play emphasizing rich tones and colors that only a handmade instrument can provide.  These are soloist heirloom quality instruments that will provide the player a life time of satisfaction and pride.   

Instrument making progression

Music Links

Music Links

 Connecticut Symphony Orchestras

                         Connecticut Valley Symphony Orchestra                                             

                         Eastern Connecticut Symphony Orchestra              

                         Farmington Valley Symphony Orchestra                 

                         Greenwich Symphony Orchestra                             

                         Hartford Symphony Orchestra                              

                         Manchester symphony Orchestra                             

                         New Britain Symphony Orchestra                           

                        New Haven symphony Orchestra                             

                        Norwalk Symphony Orchestra                                  

                        Wallingford Symphony Orchestra                             

                         Ridgefield Symphony Orchestra                               

                        Stamford Symphony Orchestra                                  

                        Wallingford Symphony Orchestra                              

                        Waterbury Symphony Orchestra                                 

                        West Hartford Symphony Orchestra                           



                        University of Connecticut School of Music                      

                        University of Hartford, The Harrt School                    

                       Yale School of Music                                                    




                                           The Hartford Courant by Steve Metcalf,  Fine Tuned





Randell M. Reid Master Violins

125 Warrenton Ave. Hartford CT.  06105

Call, text or e-mail to schedule an appointment

(860) 233-9865

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